Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Last day first job

Finally the day arrived! I ended up working more on the last few weeks than on any other. You need to prepare yourself when you are joining or leaving a company. Everything in-between is to flow with the stream.

The transitions, processes in HR, finance and thankyou notes are all done. The feeling of being part of the organization seems to fade away as I seem to branch off. A lot of friends to leave behind and a bunch of good and oh-not-so-good memories. Its human nature to get emotional when one leaves one's first things - first job, first school, first home, toy or maybe a first relationship.

What I liked : The people, culture of the company
What I did not like : The rat race in software

Looking forward its going to be a exciting time in ISB. There is an email frenzy with applicants getting their final waiting list calls. The mail-o-meter touched a whopping 100 mails/day! Hopefully this will settle down once we get to business.