Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Its been quite a while since I posted. Looking back there are good list of things I want to blog. The journey at ISB is nearing its end. I walk along near lawns with parties of sections, teams and what not. Its a moment of celebration and reflection.

Here is my poem for my section 'E':

How soon hath Time come to an end?

Of cherished moments with our friends

With knowledge, job and self reprieve

Spring we arrive and spring we leave

Always ready to row in the CP flow

Made us go Eho! Eho!

The tempest fame spread like fire

Bringing dragon’s blab under professor’s ire

A passing philosopher asks which this is

Thou know not in ignorant bliss

I point my t-shirt in repartee

That is Section E filled with glee

Eho! is the official chant of the section. We were late in forming one but the tune was kinda catchy. The dragon refers to the official E shaped red dragon - our logo for section E. We were the riotous section known to be dreaded by everyone for our aggressive Class Participation (CP).


At 12:02 PM, April 05, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHere did you get placed? (Back to Bangalore???)
Congrats on post-graduation!


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