Sunday, July 06, 2003

It was Saturday and as promised my turn to treat my friends. It had become a ritual of some sort with each member of the group taking the rest of us to an eating place. I had no plans in mind and we headed to a thai/chinese restaurant. It was my first time to such a place and let alone the food I had trouble reading the menu items. We had someting like "Veg. Tum Yum", "Talumein", "Manchow", "Schezwan" not to forget the Malaysian Noodles. As we were next heading to the "Go Karting" place, one of us complained of an upset stomach. That was when the team of 5 split into two groups of 2 and 3 each of them not knowing where the other was. Never understimate the force of Nature! Fortunately, one of the techno-guys had a cellular phone and we managed find each other after a lost trail. The karting was even more fun. We were confronted with diesel running decrepit toy cars. After a 5 lap drive we were all satisified with the F1 racers that we had become in the last hour. One of the energetic members suggested that we next go bowling. The blaring sounds at the bowling avenue wouldn't dampen our spirits. We would actually bowl as in cricket displaying our proficiencies in both the games. All in all, an eventful day.