Thursday, September 07, 2006

Term 4

Term 4 is the last core term before we start taking electives in terms 5 to 8

Courses for this term

  • Strategic Analysis of IT by Prof Rajiv Banker, Prof Sandra Slaughter
  • Management of Organizations by Prof Mary watson, Prof Dishan Kamdar
  • Govt Society and Business by Prof Mudit Kapoor, Prof Shiva Kumar
  • Investment Analysis by Prof Tom Nohel, Prof Ramana Sonti

Barring the last subject, all others readings look like general topics. This term has less pressure from the core subjects but the ELP or the PaEV (both are projects) are taking most of the time. Moreover this term runs on a 5day week. Its back to TGIF.

Interesting in a way these subjects offer a different perspective of the outside world. For example, in Govt Society and Business we get to learn about institutions, government policies, or even Afghanistan. For the Afghan session we attended classes dressed as Afghans. How does one understand concepts in Management of Organizations? By building and flying paper rockets. Atleast that's what we did partially. We divided ourselves into four teams/companies. One group was for quality control. Each of the other teams got to make as many rockets from the limited number of paper sheets. As the team sizes were different but the supply of paper was fixed, we had to decide on our production capacity. Team members were divided into production department, logo creation and flyers (the ones who threw rockets). One person, the CEO, co-ordinated activities. In the 1 hour or so, this was a totally different experience. It is not about throwing rockets at each other. But understanding and co-ordinating a simple activity as this one. As the team size increases there is chance of chaos in the first round. But the larger team quickly realizes its shortcomings by observing the smaller teams and improves its efficiency in its operations.

So we did have fun. This time class start at 8.45am and get over by noon. But all other project activities take enough time so as to get oneself occupied all day.


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