Friday, September 01, 2006

Another term already?

Term 3 started off slowly. In the first few weeks there were no assignments but lots of pre-read to do. But later on it was the opposite. Once every two weeks, we were asked to submit 3 assignments group/individual. Entrepreneurship was the exception with no assignments.

All three subject drop boxes will be placed next to each other at the submission center. Submissions are due at 8am. Once we started at 3am on Sunday and the work went upto 7.55am on Monday. Then we (my study group) attended classes from 8.15am till 4.15pm. It can get really taxing sometimes (reminded of Queen's hit UnderPressure)

Term 3 exams were by far the toughest. Exam on Operations Management was a complete surprise. Even the finance paper threw in a few surprise questions. Terms started and ended quickly. Term4 may not be as taxing as term3 or so it is believed.

Here is a wrap up of term3.

1. Corporate Finance - taught by Prof Bhagawan Chowdhry - one of the best professors I have met. His wit and humour will keep you engaged in class. One of the few classes where time just flies. I could keep listening to his class all day!

Midterm and final term exams were MCQs. The questions were somewhat tricky and unless one is attentive in class and has a clear grasp in concepts his questions will be tougher. Never wanted to miss any of his weekend review sessions.

2. Operations Management - At the outset the subject appears simple but progressively got difficult till the final exam. I haven't applied what I learnt from this course. Have a gut feeling that the learning has greater implication in the long run. The mid term was moderately difficult. The finals was a real challenge.

3. Entrepreneurship - One subject where I pre-read all the time! Partly due to interest and partly because of the high CP marks. The final exam paper was the easiet. It was an open book exam. We were asked not to exhibit the poetry skills. With a strict one page limitation, there is less leeway in spending time on one question alone.

4. Managerial Accounting - Barring one or two new ideas from the subject, I had been exposed to most ideas latently in other subjects. Never did justice to this subject. The last minute exam-cram was all I did. It helped. The final exam was slightly difficult less than I had dreaded.

Interestingly in all papers, I never really got to use a cheat sheet or the book/notes. At some point in the Entrepreneurship exams, my question paper got mixed up with the notes. All the diligently printed notes only added to my printing bill!

Now that we have a break, it is time catch up with sleep, movies and sports.


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