Sunday, August 17, 2003

Fiction today is reality tomorrow. It is difficult to prognosticate. Aliens landing on earth, invading us, establishing their colonies are a common theme in movies - Independence Day, Signs, MIB, The Abyss, Predator or X-Files. They try to bring out the idea that extra-terrestrial life forms do exist. Despite quaffing a large dose of sci-fi stuff in movies, one looks out for more.

The esoteric question at hand seems to be reasoning out the existence of self rather than the existence of others. As an example, how does one answer the question "Where are you?” Most often it may suffice to reply in interms of place name, street, area, state or country. But beyond that, do we refer by time, space, and planets?

How about living for the next 200 years? Seems irrational and puerile. Think again. Scientists advocate that if one lived in a place with lesser gravity than earth's then relatively one would age slower than his fellow beings here. May be true but first I need to read today's newspaper and catch up with the future.