Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Term 4 officially ends

Term 4 officially ended today. The SAIT* term exam had been postponed due to some administrative reason and was held in term 5. Term 4 exams were not easy. MGTO* exam was googly. All short answers were from nook and corner of the course pack. Most subjects required rote memorization. All core terms are over and from this term onwards it’s electives to specialize in an area.

I plan to take a few quant electives from term 5. The bidding system is used in selecting a course. The system is similar to the one used at Wharton. Briefly each student gets X points in his kitty and he smartly rations and bids points for the course he wants to join. The problem is that course bidding reduces to a one-shot game. If you don’t get a course in phase 1, you have to bid again and the prices for that course will go up in phase 2. Simple economics in play - supply is less than demand, prices will go high. If students don’t collude for the points, everyone ends up loosing points by bidding for the course. Since the points for all students are fixed, if one bids high this term, he might suffer with shortage of points next term.

I was partly disappointed to know even if a classroom can accommodate 70 students but if the course professor decides on 55, then only 55 can be allotted to that class. I am on the waiting list for a course and will have to bid in phase 2.

All sections ties are now dissolved barring the email alias. All study groups are also dissolved. New dynamic study groups will be formed as and when needed for the elective subjects.

* SAIT – Strategic Analysis of IT
* MGTO – Management of Organizations / HR


At 3:51 AM, November 15, 2006, Blogger Shamit Bagchi said...

When you say 'rote memorization' do you find the course of study adding some value or not practicality-wise? If not, it is in my view not useful - rather pure theory - a lot of subjects are such and even understanding/studying theories have their own pleasure factor - I don't deny that.
Interesting bidding system - how are the initial points allocated - based on prev term results or just random ? Phases are essentially terms from what you say isn't it ...
And from the overall gains out of the course the rigorous process of academic study/thorough faculty and sharp minds around, itself is pretty high; however what is your assessment of the ROI from the ISB course - would the returns be commensurate to the investments ?

At 4:24 AM, November 15, 2006, Blogger Shamit Bagchi said...

"All study groups are also dissolved."
We never got to know how the study group was all 3-4 years of experience like you or all highly experienced ... ?


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