Sunday, April 24, 2005

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Read two good books...

Both are to be motion pictures.

The first one was Robin Sharma's The Monk who sold his Ferrari. The story, wound around the principles to make it sound good, is a bit stretched. I felt Paulo Coelho is a better story teller. Robin Sharma is a lawyer himself and I think there are personal reflections in the fable. His Indian origins can also be seen. Most of what I read was common sense in print. According to the author's website the movie will star the author himself. I also bought "Who will cry when you die" by the same author (you would have heard a similar quote by Katherine Mansfield).

The other book was Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. I bought it on the streets for a throw-away price. Its has a train of ciphers one after the other and it keeps you glued till the end. The movie on the same stars Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon.


Sunday, April 17, 2005

Nature destroyed

Bangalore is becoming a graveyard of trees. The decision to fell 700 trees is nothing short of a crime. Trees as old as 50 years are being brought down in a few hours.

Do the authorities have any consideration to nature at all? Enough
nuisance has already been committed in cutting down trees for
unconstructed flyovers. The concerned authorities should immediately stop destroying the beautiful garden city.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Live Cricket match

I least expected that I would go to a Test match between India and Pakistan on Mar-24. Initially I offered the single ticket to my friends but none responded. Then finally I found company and decided to go.

The place surrounding the stadium was crowded by ice-cream and “kalle-puri” hawkers hoping to make an extra buck as well as by enthusiastic cricket fans making every effort to get in. The entire place was cordoned by police, who seemed to be frustrated with the traffic more than anything else.

It was my first visit to a stadium. We reached around noon and seated ourselves in the executive wing. Executive coterie entitles free lunch and tea, free beer and of course a fantastic view. The green field was a wonderful sight. The view was as though a 40-inch television screen was placed close to your eyes but only looked better and real. It took the eye some time to settle the panoramic view. We were as close to 100m from the stumps or so it appeared.

We spent sufficient time in identifying each player on field and casting aspersions on each player’s ball performance. We witnessed Inzy scoring his 100 runs in his 100th test. A few yards away, in the player’s wing we spotted Afridi, Yuvraj, and Kaif sharing a lighter moment.

A few asked me as to why I stopped blogging? Hooking onto the giant www network through a tiny 64K (reduces almost a 10K) line, with frequent disconnections and unacceptably low speeds, seems ridiculous. I’ll try to upgrade the connection, but till then my postings may be infrequent.